Hoverboard: safety advice and tips

Electric transport is gaining more and more popularity every day. Today the hoverboard and hoverboard are not only fashionable gadgets for entertainment, but also reliable means of transportation.
Of course, the Hoverboard is a cool thing! Children, teenagers and adults enjoy riding these two-wheeled boards. Nevertheless, you have probably seen a lot of videos in the Internet of people falling from hoverboards, and also heard that batteries can explode in cheap models. To protect yourself from these and other troubles, use our tips for all the types of hoverboards.
Tip 1: know where to ride
There is no single answer here. Of course, you can ride in the courtyard, on special grounds, in parks and, in principle, anywhere you can ride a bike. But given the lack of bike paths in many cities, it is better to ride a gyroboard on the sidewalk.

Tip 2: Learn to drive before hitting the streets
Immediately trying to ride your first purchased hoverboard is not a good idea. Before you go out with it on the street, you need to learn how to stand on the board, get down from it, balance, turn. You need to get on the hoverboard while walking forward. In this case, put your feet quite wide – away from each other. Going down, step only backward, and with your dominant foot. Standing on the board, keep your posture and do not bend your knees, look straight ahead.

Tip 3: use the hoverboard as directed

Hoverboards are not skateboards that you can do acrobatic tricks with. They are more massive, electronic and have preset speed modes. If you want to jump on the gyroboard, you will most likely break it (unless you injure yourself). Light blows will not damage the electronic board, but an outright fall can be fatal for the device.

Tip 4: Charging the Hoverboard all night is a bad idea.
Even if you have a high-quality hoverboard with an original battery, you shouldn’t tempt fate. When you charge your device overnight, you don’t need to monitor it, and usually their batteries only need 4 hours to fully charge. And if after that they remain connected to the mains, there is a high risk of fire.

Many hoverboard owners charge them immediately after riding, even if the battery is not completely discharged. We do the same with our phones – we charge them enough to keep them working. The same can be done with the hoverboard. And in any case, watch the device while charging and do not overexpose.

Tip 5: choose the right hoverboard model for yourself
Buying a hoverboard means providing yourself with a lot of pleasant impressions from a comfortable ride in the fresh air and at the same time joining modern fashion trends. When choosing the right model, you need to take into account several points: wheel size and type, maximum load, power and battery, manufacturer.
When you decide which hoverboard to choose, you should focus on the conditions of its future use and personal taste preferences. Therefore, attention should be paid to technical parameters, and multimedia, and visual appeal.
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It is the best and safe gift for the kids ages 6-12 and adults.

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