Special Features of the best hoverboard

Speed and safety

Among the wide range of models, there are models with the ability to choose the riding mode depending on the initial skills. There are usually 3 modes: beginner, intermediate, and professional. The speed may also vary. Some platforms are capable of traveling at 15 miles per hour. You can adjust this indicator yourself, increasing it gradually as you improve your skills. If you bought a hoverboard for kids, then you may be worried about safety, because the child can get carried away, exceed the speed limit, and fall. In this case, you will be helped by a special mobile application that allows you to control the speed mode using a Bluetooth connection. With a simple push of a button, you can reduce the speed of your child’s skating. Moreover, there is a function of remote shutdown of the gyro scooter, so it is possible to set a time limit for the child. The only drawback is the price, as the cost is slightly higher than the standard models. However, it is worth it.
Regardless of how carefully the child drives and follows all the rules of the road, we recommend that you purchase additional safety equipment. For example, elbow pads, helmet, and knee pads will definitely not be superfluous to eliminate the risk of injuries, bruises, and damage. You can find all the necessary security features in one set.

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Performance and charging time

How long will a fully charged battery last? The most common battery is a 36V-42V lithium-ion battery. The average distance you can drive with a charged battery is 10 miles. However, it also depends on the speed, user weight, surface quality, and slope. When choosing the safest hoverboards, pay attention to the tires. They directly affect how well the devices will cope with different surfaces. There are models that drive only on a flat paved road. Other all-terrain vehicles will pass through rocks, branches, debris, and other obstacles. There are tires that are resistant to punctures.

Additional accessories

An unusual addition to single-wheel hoverboards can be Go-Kart. This is a special device that allows you to ride it in a sitting position. The controls are made with the help of handles on both sides. This is the perfect addition for those who want to diversify the skating and get bright emotions.

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